Pierluigi Billone
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Δίκη Wall


for percussion and 6 instruments
Commissioned by the Talea Ensemble with support of the Ernst-von-Siemens Foundation


Pierluigi Billone

In ancient Greek culture, Δίκη (Dike -justice-) was the spirit of moral order and fair judgement.

From the Orphic Hymn 61:

The piercing eye of Justice [Δίκη] bright, I sing, plac'd by the throne of heav'n's almighty king [Zeus],
Perceiving thence, with vision unconfin'd, the life and conduct of the human kind
To thee, revenge and punishment belong, chastising ev'ry deed, unjust and wrong;
Whose pow'r alone, dissimilars can join, and from th' equality of truth combine:
For all the ill, persuasion can inspire, when urging bad designs, with counsel dire,
'Tis thine alone to punish; with the race of lawless passions, and incentives base;
For thou art ever to the good inclin'd, and hostile to the men of evil mind.
Come, all-propitious, and thy suppliant hear, when Fate's predestin'd, final hour draws near.